"Her confidence and command were very impressive. It was a complex story but she handled it with much aplomb. For me it was a very pleasant experience. She is fiercely dedicated, and determined to develop her sharp instincts and skills. She will be an enormous asset for any production company, whether television, film or the theatre, looking for a young person with a keen intellect, an open mind and vast reserves of talent." 

- Actor ROSHAN SETH OBE, of Gandhi, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, My Beautiful Laundrette. 

"Tammy’s skills as a filmmaker are being able to identify developing story-lines and get beneath the skin of characters within the documentary arena yet, at the same time, allowing them to breathe freely and evolve naturally to generate compelling films about real stories and real people. She is an accomplished cinematographer, which enables her to film subjects intimately without large crews and, therefore, create more personal films than many documentary filmmakers are able to do. Her knowledge of film history and detailed consumption of film styles and genres allows her to be inspired by filmmakers whilst adapting their artistic approach to suit her own individuality as an artist."

MATT RICHARDS, Award Winning Filmmaker known for Ten Billion, Wife-Swap, To Say Goodbye.

"Her first assignement with us was as a scriptwriter for a marketing video for one of Delhi's largest Real Estate Developers.  The client was so impressed he actually said 'not a word needs to be changed, as this was always what I wanted to say and never found the words.' Rare praise indeed from any client."

- JAMSHEED DALAL, CEO and Creative Director of Fade to Black Media and Designs. 

"Tammy Khajotia was instrumental in creating one of our most impactful communications through an audio-visual in the

year 2014-15 for our project SWELL- Skilling Women Empowering Lives.  Every time I watch the film I end with a catch in my throat and unshed tears in my eyes. I wish Tammy all the best in her future endeavors and know that one day a lot of us will proclaim that she had worked with us."

RENU KAPOOR, Ex-Chairperson FICCI Flo (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organisation)